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The Black Sea Grain Market Report  -

Trusted, Local Grain Market Information from a Highly Volatile Region


Russia and Ukraine are two of the world’s largest producers and exporters of agricultural products; in 2012, they were among the world’s ten main grain exporters. In the case of wheat, Russia is the fifth largest exporter in the world, while Ukraine is the seventh. In the case of corn, Ukraine is the fourth largest exporter and Russia is the ninth. Together, these two countries furnish nearly 13% and 14% of world corn and wheat exports, respectively. Therefore, any situation that affects their productive or marketing capacity will have an impact on international agricultural markets.

If you need accurate and up-to-date local Black Sea region grain market information, you need the Black Sea Grain Market Report!  That is why Informa Economics and its Moscow-based affiliate partner Sovecon developed the Black Sea Grain Market Report – an online tool that will help you and your business make the most informed decisions about the Russian and Ukrainian grain markets.

If your business is dependent on the global, Black Sea or your local region’s grain markets, the Russian and Ukrainian markets can have varying impacts on your business, depending on:

  • The duration of the conflict and the duration of possible changes in grain prices;

  • Each country’s grain inventory and production prospects;

  • Each country’s productive and commercial structure; and

  • The contribution of wheat and corn to each country’s diet.

The Black Sea Grain Market Report will help you keep a close eye on these market signals and help you make better decisions about your grain strategies.

This web-based service has the following key elements:

  • Weekly Black Sea Grain price and fundamental market outlook;

  • Daily analysis and market perspectives on CME corn, soybean and wheat markets;

  • Daily audio perspectives on CME markets;

  • Crop outlook perspectives on Russia and Ukraine; and

  • Periodic special reports and webinars.

This service goes far beyond a newsletter as it gives the subscriber in-depth outlooks and forecasts based on supply-demand fundamentals. The intent of this service is for the user to make better trading and pricing decisions with respect to Black Sea grains and CME futures contracts.

View samples of reports:

Weekly Ukraine and Kazakhstan Market Commentary  

Russia's Grain Export Report

Russia's Oilseed Complex Exports

Weekly Russian Market Commentary

To subscribe to the Black Sea Grain Market Report, please choose one of the following options:

Six-month subscription for single user

One-year subscription for single user

One-year subscription for up to five users

 If you have any questions about the Black Sea Grain Market Report or if you would like more information, please contact:

Informa Economics Group
Tel: 901.202.4600




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