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The extraordinary crude oil price collapse of 2014 had far-reaching ramifications for the energy markets, global economic growth and changed geopolitical and economic alignments as well as altered trade flows. The price decline came at a time when international sanctions had been imposed on some important crude oil producers, putting additional pressure on national budgets and geopolitical alliances. How the major players in this global event act and react will determine how long prices will remain at relative low levels compared with the last several years.

  • Are low crude oil prices good or bad for the US and world economy?

  • What factors will determine how long prices will remain at relatively low levels or is this the new norm?

  • Has OPEC lost its grip on the world crude oil market with the US now the largest producing country?

  • Can OPEC survive the current low price environment with several countries already in civil disarray?

  • If the US begins exporting crude oil, how will that impact the world market and US petroleum product prices?

  • How or will low crude oil prices impact natural gas production and usage?

Get the answers to these questions and more from Informa's Energy Service and Informa's daily Energy Comments.


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Informa Economics' daily Energy Comments can filter through all of the daily, weekly and monthly data, providing guidance on how to cope with significant price volatility during these extraordinary times.

Informa Economics' daily Energy Comments provides in-depth analysis on the fundament and technical aspects of the entire energy complex, including crude oil, the main petroleum products and natural gas. In addition, the report provides a comprehensive break down and analysis of the major Department of Energy and industry reports that influence the day-to-day fluctuations in the markets, which is supplemented with weekly flash reports that follow the key petroleum weekly and natural gas reports. The report includes Informa's in-house meteorologist's forecasts on weather and key climatic events impacting the energy markets. Moreover, Informa delivers comprehensive yet concise information on the current US and world energy policies that impacts your business.

Informa's energy retainer service complements the daily market information and analysis and is concentrated primarily on risk assessment and risk management advice.  Informa's retainer service allows clients the ability to manage their energy risk on their own terms with a customized risk management program.  Informa's knowledge and experience in commodity risk evaluation makes our energy market outlooks invaluable when the bottom line is sensitive to energy risk.




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