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Informa Economics

Informa Economics Energy and Weather-Related Consulting and Risk Management Services


Consulting Projects

Informa Economics provides energy and weather related consulting services to food and agricultural related organizations. In addition to providing market information and analysis, Informa Economics advises companies on a wide range of issues with direct impact on profitability.  Some examples include:

  • Development and reviews of energy purchasing strategies
  • Development and reviews of energy risk management programs and opportunities
  • Development of internal risk management policies and procedures
  • Assessment of financial feasibility of energy related projects
  • Assistance in developing and executing negotiation strategies
  • Assistance with regulatory affairs including identifying and capturing opportunities resulting from regulatory changes
  • Assessment and management of energy's impact on short-term and long-term enterprise-wide value at risk

Informa Economics employs a variety of analytic methods in order to meet client objectives and add value to client organizations.  Methods may include market analysis, economic assessments, risk management programs, supply/supplier analysis, energy use modeling, development of specially tailored derivative instruments, development and reviews of forward curves, site analyses, detailed mapping using geographic information systems (GIS) software, etc.  

Throughout the consulting project the Informa Economics team will be drawing from a knowledge base accumulated through years of energy and agribusiness risk management and business consulting. 

Similar services are also available to assist clients in better understanding and managing the impact of weather on profitability.  Some examples of such projects include:

  • Determining the probable enterprise-wide impact of weather variability on profitability
  • Assessing the effectiveness of weather risk management programs
  • Design of derivative instruments tailored to mitigate the adverse impacts and variability of profits resulting from adverse weather conditions

  • Design of weather derivative based programs for facilitating marketing programs that increase the market value, sales and profitability of the company's products and services

Risk Management Support Services

Informa Economics provides market information, market outlook and risk management support providing:

  • Cutting edge information and market outlook services about the energy markets
  • Information and support to clients to help them make informed decisions about energycosts and risk management alternatives
  • Service packages tailored to meet the needs of the individual client
  • On-going support in monitoring energy supply contracts and negotiating new contracts
  • Regular information reports designed to meet the client's energy management needs
  • On-going support with regard to energy regulatory issues
  • Face-to-face, telephone and email interaction with the Informa Economics specialists


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