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Informa Economics

Market Intelligence and Mapping Services

Informa's Market Intelligence & Mapping Services

uses Informa’s market intelligence, data resources, and geographic information system (GIS) expertise to provide clients with mapping solutions that help to quickly identify information patterns and relationships within a given geographical area.

Clients can choose from three GIS mapping services:

Standard GIS mapping

Custom mapping and analytics

Custom printing

In addition, pricing information is available for the services listed above...

For information or a quote contact:


Chen Liu

Informa Data Resources

•  Informa internal databases offer clients a wide array of global information for mapping.

 •  Global acreage, yield &

•  Crop & livestock production, use & trade by country, state and county

•  Global trade of agricultural commodities (annual and monthly)

•  Commodity futures and basis prices (multiple locations)

•  Transportation infrastructure (railroads, highways, roads, navigable waterways, bridges, ports, elevators, facilities, etc.)

•  Crop and meat processing facilities by location, ownership and scale

•  Grain elevator facility ownership and access to rail

•  Resource locations and production including:  coal production and mines, iron deposits, salt mines, and other minerals




  Standard GIS Mapping

Standard maps include single layer data elements (e.g., U.S. corn production by county, see map above) and basic transportation infrastructure (e.g. major railroads, navigable waterways).

Depending on data availability, maps may contain wider geographic areas (U.S., Canada, South America, Europe). Standard maps also can be presented in country, state and county equivalents.

Informa’s collection of standard maps provide single layer data graphics available for purchase.  Examples include:

■ Brazil corn production by state ■ World beef production by region      
■ U.S. soybean yields by county   ■ Pork exports by country 


  Custom Mapping and Analytics

Custom maps may combine multiple data elements, require intensive data acquisition, or include client specific information (e.g. target facility).

Customized maps are offered in three forms:

Maps utilizing Informa data resources combine multiple layer elements.  Examples include:

U.S. corn production, railroads, and shuttle facility locations
North American wheat production and wheat millers zoomed to the Midwest
Soybean production by county, soybean crushing facilities, biodiesel facilities and oil bottling facilities with railroads and major highways

Maps utilizing client/Informa data resources combine multiple layer data elements provided by both the client and Informa

   Soybean crushing facilities with soybean meal demand by county
Target processing locations with transportation infrastructure and meat production by county
New cattle processing location with cattle density and feedlots

Informa analytics bring Informa’s analytical capabilities to estimate indicators, calculate draw areas, and examine general trends.

Grain surplus/deficit by state
Change in soybean price basis
Grain (corn, soybeans, wheat)  production within 150 miles of target location

Please CLICK HERE to view samples of our GIS Maps

  Custom Printing

Informa can print, laminate and ship your map for an additional fee. Maps may be printed in the following sizes: 36 inch x 48 inch and 48 inch by 64 inch.


Map pricing varies by information availability, data acquisition, client specifications and additional services requested (e.g. printing).

Standard Informa Maps $350

Customized Maps*


Utilizing Informa data resources (one data element)


Per additional data element


Informa Analytics


Utilizing client/Informa data resources


*Contact us for a specific quote

Map Printing Services $225+

To view/print this information as a pdf file, CLICK HERE

For information or a quote contact:

Chen Liu




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